Graduated in 2019 at the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht and is currently based in Amsterdam.

Maarten Heijnens is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and theater maker. The foundation of his artistry forms an attempt to broaden emotional understanding within our seemingly emotionally numbed society.

Since graduation, he forms an artist duo with Anthony van Gog that dedicate their artistry to creating what they call 'physical scores'. In a physical score, not the musical instrument, but the 'body-as-instrument' is centralized. In a compositional way they manipulate a bodily instrument (such as their breath in Breathing Piece) to the utmost, in an attempt to make its underlying frictions tangible to the spectator. They find each other in a shared desire to let the body speak in order to (continue to) understand her. They are currently touring with Breathing Piece and are working on two new pieces called Heartscore (a physical score) and - in collaboration with Erik van de Wijdeven - Heartspace (an interactive installation). As an artist duo they are currently supported by Makershuis Tilburg and Via Zuid.

As a performer he performed in De UR-Triënnale (internship) and in De Internet Trilogie (after graduating) by Performance Collective URLAND. After being the artistic and productional assistant of Krystian Lada from The Airport Society (an Antwerp based cooperative of opera artists and social entrepreneurs) he worked as a performer for the opera Symphony of Expectation in collaboration with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Next to theatre, he also played the leading role in the film TOUCH by Robin Coops that premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and in Holding The Knuckles by Clara J:son Borg that will premier at Upominki, Rotterdam.

As an artistic researches he keeps redefining his artistic authenticity through writing, reflecting, reading and practicing. This will, on its turn, co-develop the artistic signature as an artist duo with Anthony van Gog.


Portrait by Jet Couzijn